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ProfitrainingLiza Baliasnaja

Tue 21.05.2024 | 12:00 am12:00 am
Wed 22.05.2024 | 12:00 am12:00 am
Fri 24.05.2024 | 12:00 am12:00 am
Mon 27.05.2024 | 12:00 am12:00 am
Tue 28.05.2024 | 12:00 am12:00 am
Wed 29.05.2024 | 12:00 am12:00 am
Fri 31.05.2024 | 12:00 am12:00 am
Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm - Probebühne 3

Contemporary Training - Improvisation and Set Material

The class consists of two parts. The first part focuses on anatomical entities, for example the spine, sacrum, hip joints, shoulder blades, or head. We work alone or in couples to heighten awareness, warm up, and connect to the body as it presents itself to us that day. Inspiration is drawn from Body Mind Centering, Skinner Release Technique, experiential anatomy, Pilates, OSHO, and yoga. The aim is to generate heat, find connections between periphery and centre, and ground the body, by accentuating a use of gravity. For the second part, we will learn and analyze movement material. The phrase draws inspiration from release technique-based vocabulary focusing on details, clarity of alignment, and a connectivity of the movement through the use of weight. On one hand, the class aids the letting go of tension and finding a groove. On the other hand, it encourages a feeling of control and connection to the body. Funky tunes, soft vibes and a good mood to be expected!

1. Could you tell us what OSHO is and how it informs your work?
One of the warm ups I propose is based on OSHO dynamic meditation. It consists of 4 parts- shaking, dancing, standing and laying on the floor- each for the duration of 7-10 minutes. I accompany this warm up with thematic playlists. It's an exhausting, but very fun collective start of the day.

2. From my experience, BMC and experiential anatomy can be quite slow work. How will we build heat and physical intensity in this class?
Individual somatic work or touch work in couples will be accompanied by warm up exercises in a group which I will guide.
I use the scores and images from these practices to create a framework in which the dancer can explore through improvisation. The intensity of the improvisation is each dancer's individual choice, but I try to encourage arriving at full range. I like starting from small, isolated movements and through guidance or touch arriving at full body use.

Liza Baliasnaja (b.1994, Kaunas) is a choreographer, performer, and pedagogue, working between Germany and Lithuania. In 2016, Liza completed the dance training program P.A.R.T.S in Brussels, and in 2023 graduated from a BA in philosophy at the University of KU Leuven. Liza makes choreographic works that are informed by an interest in language, voice, and extensive movement research. Her works have been presented at  Festivals such as Batard (Brussels), Radiant Nights (Antwerp), New Baltic Dance (Vilnius), Almost Summer (Kortrijk). Liza has collaborated as a performer with Eszter Salamon, Ula Sickle, Marten Spangberg, and Lenio Kaklea, among others. She is continuously engaged as a pedagogue and mentor at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius, and regularly teaches workshops and movement classes for both professionals and curious non dancers.