Anajara Amarante on stage. She is wearing black leggings, a black semi-sheer skirt and a glittering brown bikini top. A dynamic photo. Smoke is in the air. Anajara is slim. She is wearing sunglasses and holding her left hand. She radiates self-confidence.

Anajara Amarante (Foto: Cicowicz)

A portrait photo of Rita Mazza. Rita has black hair with gray streaks, sits in front of a brick wall wearing blue jeans and a black sweater and looks seriously into the camera. Her face is brightly lit. Her pose is wide-legged and radiates self-confidence. The sharp contrasts otherwise give the picture a gloomy look.

Rita Mazza (Foto: Mayra Wallraff)

Irene on stage, in front of a white and dark pink background. Irene smiles and hangs upside down from a long cloth. Her legs form angular shapes and are wrapped in the cloth.

Irene Giró (Foto: Mayra Wallraff)

A classic studio portrait photo of Dodzi Dougban against a neutral gray background. Dodzi stands with his arms crossed and looks friendly into the camera, but without smiling. Dodzi is a Black man with a moustache and a beard on his chin. His dreadlocks are tied on top of his head and the sides are shaved.

Dodzi Dougban (Foto: Lucie Ella)

ShowingLabor für Behinderten- und Taubenkultur im Tanz

Fri 09.02.2024 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm - Studio 1

Due to the current situation, we ask all participants to carry out a corona test in advance. We also provide some tests free of charge for last-minute participants. We recommend wearing FFP-2 masks.


The new Labor für Behinderten- und Taubenkultur im Tanz (laboratory for disabled and deaf culture in dance) invites five Deaf, disabled and chronically ill dance professionals to share their respective artistic practices and choreographic working methods in a one-week residency.

Questions about the body, dance and choreography are negotiated from the different perspectives of the experts, standardized ideas of movement and perception are expanded, subverted and cripped.

The new residency format of Tanzplattform Rhein-Main will take place for the first time at Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm at the beginning of February. On February 9, you are invited to experience insights from this intensive exchange at the public showing. There will be room for questions and suggestions at the subsequent gathering.

Admission free after prior registration by e-mail at


Information on accessibility:

The showing will be held in German spoken language and German sign language. Audio description will be provided.

It is a relaxed event with various seating and reclining options. Information on barrier-free access to Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm can be found here.

Curation: Lea Gockel, Alex Hennig, Noa Winter

Mentorship: Tanja Erhart

Artists: Anajara Amarante, Dodzi Dougban, Irene Gíro, Rita Mazza, Kübra Sekin

Anajara Amarante is a chronically ill queer Brazilian artist based in Berlin. Their main working tool is the moving body, intertwining professional interests with the personal and political: queer, dissident bodies, marginalized communities and art practices. The focus of their artistic practice is in the performing arts, and it also feeds on their background as a biologist and communication scientist. As an immigrant, they are interested in people of migrant background, the construction of identities, postcolonialism, joy and diversity.

Dodzi Dougban, *1979, is a deaf dancer and performer.

Deaf from an early age, he grew up in Recklinghausen. His family introduced him to Togo's traditional culture at festivals and concerts.

Dodzi Dougban found his dancing focus in hip hop and, together with hearing dance crews, was German champion five times and European champion three times.

He teaches hip hop, modern, afro and contemporary dance in numerous workshops and at schools. He is also a lecturer in non-verbal communication and teaches sign language.

As a dancer, choreographer, model and actor, he can be seen in various video productions, television programs and dance theater plays.

He also acts as an expert for German sign language in connection with theater companies and the inclusive performing arts. He advises theater companies with his project "Access Maker" and independent productions in the field of digital translations for an inclusive stage experience (from movement to sound, from sound to image).

Rita Mazza (Rita/they) is a freelance artist with the focus as a performance artist, artistic director and sign language choreographer in visual sign (language) performances. Their latest performance work 'Matters of Rhythm' has been selected at Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 in Freiburg. Rita just collaborated with the Theaterformen Festival as a guest curator with a focus on Sign Language art and Deaf arts. Rita is a native Sign Language user - Rita 'speaks' Italian Sign Language, and is also fluent in German Sign Language (DGS) and International Sign. not yet available