residence retrospect Camilla Fiumara

In the solo project “Closing WIP”, dancer Camilla Fiumara reflects on the past two years of global pandemic and on the different emotions, the boredom and the emptiness she experienced during this time. The isolation and the long time spent at home influence her dance by affecting the movements that are characterised by a sort of minimalism, staccato quality and body isolations, and by attempts to express the affects of the lockdowns.
In accounting “Closing WIP” stands for what is left over after a period, not to be thrown away, but simply yet to be completed. With this project, Camilla wants to gather up those pieces, not yet put to work, and make the leftover, the un-productivity, the central topic of the dance.

Camilla Fiumara works as a freelance dancer in Frankfurt am Main. Born in Italy, she started classical ballet at an early age and then studied at the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich. After the graduation in 2017, she took part in her first independent production with Johannes Härtl and then moved to Brussels, where she worked together with Black Spot collective and with TerazNow Dance Theatre Collective. In 2019 the collaboration with Verena Billinger & Sebastian Schulz for their work “Zeit / Temps” moved her back to Germany. Since then she was involved in Billinger & Schulz’ s works “Tanzabend/N.N.” and “Stories/Sketches (Geschichte/andere Zeiten)”, as well as in productions of Companie Fredeweß in Hannover, of Miriam Taschler and Carla Petzolt in Berlin, and as a guest dancer at Staatstheater Karlsruhe.