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Pop-up ResidenzPatric Lindström

Spatiotemporal patterns

I observe time in its complexities, concerned with the climate and our lives in the city. Evidence of approaching rising sea levels with factors of spatial experience, memory, human relations, and how we care for each other. In sound and movement, I examine roots of the African diaspora in Capoeira Angola, moving into craniosacral therapy, architecture, and cognitive neuroscience. I work with partnering as a tool to heal and soften the body, to explore new practices and performative ideas, that can echo a past or future way of moving together. These investigations draw knowledge from multidisciplinary practices. Wiring embodiment with contextualized theory of the postcolonial, observations of biomes, and human consciousness to address political issues. My theoretical research is influenced by the Städelschule, Max Planck Institute of Gravitational Physics, and the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics.

Patric’s work embodies the connection between science and art. Creating award-winning performance installations on eco-anxiety, migration, and trauma. He began exploring capoeira as a child, performing on the street with his father. He studied at Centro Coreográfico da Cidade in Rio de Janeiro, and Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. He holds a bachelor's degree in dance from the Folkwang School, and a postgraduate degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Vienna. He is an Amazon Aid Foundation artist.

Héloïse studied at Académie Dimitri in Physical Theatre and was awarded the 2016 Talent prize of Migros Culture Percentage for Physical Theatre. Followed by a second formation at Expérimentale danse hip-hop académie d’Annecy. In 2019 her research on improvisations styles, blended influences of Hip-Hop and K.r.u.m.p. with Contemporary dance, which formed cie. Mues. Her work is further influenced by continuous close collaboration with Stéphanie Lupo.

Carolina is a video maker, visual artist, and dancer. She studied figurative arts, where she specialized in paintings and sculptures. She was then part of Urban Move Academy, specializing in body control.
Her multidisciplinary work combines visual arts and dance. She has taken part in several Swiss creations, and festivals such as Belluard, Segment, Antigel Festival, and continues to this day.

Matteo is a video maker, editor, and dancer. He was part of Ballet Junior de Genève and Urban Move Academy. In Milan he studied at Artichoke Formazione Danza Ricerca and acting with Paolo Grassi.
Based in France together with is partner Carolina they create multidisciplinary artwork.