© Zoë Schreckenberg

residence retrospect Zoë Schreckenberg

The dance piece Fuß zum Kopf deals with the musicality and rhythm of aggression and examines different states, expressions, and behaviours of emotional and instrumental aggression. The willingness to engage in conflict and depictions of violence in films serve as a source of inspiration, based on film stunt choreographies. Movement patterns are derived from cinematically staged fight scenes and further developed into a dance. Fuß zum Kopf attempts to explore inner conflicts and processes in the context by zooming in and out, repeating, accumulating, and dissecting aggressive behaviours in the form of violence. In contrast to an obvious portrayal of violence, where the goal is to make something look realistically violent and brutal to the viewer, the piece uses dance and stunt choreographic techniques to abstract the expression of violence and tries to reflect and dissolve inner tensions of the individual in different ways in the form of confrontation.

Fuß zum Kopf consists of three elements that interact with each other: Movement, sound, and stage design. Two dancers move in a cosmos that is at times influenced by a seemingly outside musician. The stage set is composed of two massive walls that function both as scenery and as interactive sculptural bodies. The interactions result from the triangular relationship of the elements. For example, the stage set is manipulated and altered by the movement of the choreography, which in turn generates sounds that are incorporated into the musical composition. Temporally irregular sequences of action-reaction-chains are created, which differ in their dynamics, rhythm, and mood. Be it within movement sequences, the spatial constellation through the stage design, sound production and composition of sound motifs, or the ambivalent relationship from all three areas.

Zoë Schreckenberg is a German choreographer, dancer and filmmaker. Her
artistic work deals with the medium of stage and film and is influenced by her
contemporary dance training as well as combat methods and film stunts. In 2015
she successfully completed her Bachelor's degree in Theater, Film and Media
Studies at the Main University of Vienna and received her dance training through
intensive movement programs in various dance institutions and festivals in Europe.

Mufutau Yussuf is a Nigerian-Irish dancer and choreographer. He completed
his dance training in Salzburg at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.
Since then he has worked with renowned companies such as Wim
Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez and Irish Modern Dance Theatre. The Irish Art Center
has selected him as Dance Artist 2021-2022.

Sebastian Wasner is an austrian musician, producer and sound designer. He is part of the successful Viennese hardware live techno duo Austrian Apparel and the Ecuadorian electronic folk fusion band Swing Original Monks.

Concept & Choreograph: Zoë Schreckenberg
Performance: Mufutau Yussuf, Sebastian Wasner, Zoë Schreckenberg
Live-Sound & Music-Composition: Sebastian Wasner
Stunt-Coordination: Anon Mall
Stage Design: Julia Krawczynski
Costume Design:Lukas Ipsmiller
Production Management: Sophie Osburg
Production Assistance: Michelle Schmidt

Pictures: © Zoë Schreckenberg

Supported by the Hessische Staatsballett and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm as part of the
Tanzplattform Rhein Main.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for
Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.