Foto: Bia Vinzon

AntanzenLaura Ahumada García

Sat 13.04.2024 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Staatstheater Wiesbaden - Ballettsaal

Meeting time::
15 minutes before the start of the event - Großer Balletsaal

Throughout the course we will focus together on cultivating spontaneity, creativity, presence and authenticity in movement. We will create a safe and supportive environment where participants are encouraged to explore themselves and express themselves freely through dance. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to improvise - it's all about embracing your unique movement style and letting your body respond intuitively to the moment.

South American movement artist, performer, improviser, inter-art collaborator and educator, currently studying for a Master's degree (MA CoDE) in Frankfurt. She began exploring bodywork at the age of 13 in her home country of Chile before working professionally in São Paulo and then studying at the London Contemporary Dance School (2016-2019). During her studies in London she trained and worked with various artists such as Kate Price, Jeannie Steel, Leila McMillan, Chisato Ohno, Raymond'Chai, Rick Nodine, Jovair Longo, Hannes Langolf, Seke Chimutengwende. Immediately after her studies (2019-2021), she worked with Divadlo Studio Tanca (2019-2021) in Slovakia, which allowed her to engage with dance through different senses: cultural, geographical, hierarchical, linguistic, social and stylistic. She developed her dance career and worked with important choreographers/teachers such as Martin Kilvady, Milan Tomasik, Stanislav Dobák (Ultima vez) Lívia Méndez Marín Balážová (ultima vez), Peter Mika, Stanislava Vlčeková, just to name a few. Laura has been working as a freelance dance artist, teacher and choreographer in Germany since 2021. Her dedication to teaching, dancing and performing comes from her silliness, spontaneity, absurdity, simplicity, Latin fire and finding togetherness in dance.