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House Roots Jam and EP-ReleaseDanny Son / Papaya / Kosmik Kat

Fri 02.02.2024 | 6:00 pm - 11:55 pm
Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm - Lokal

Jam ab 18 Uhr / Party ab 21 Uhr

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Dancers from the local house community present their skills in an open jam session and Danny Son, an ambassador of German house culture, celebrates the release of his EP “We Speak Fluently”.


6.00 pm House Roots Jam

What is a House Jam?

A house jam is an open, informal event in the house dance scene where dancers come together to showcase their skills, exchange ideas and dance both individually and together. The focus is on improvisation by dancers. The jam offers a platform for networking within the house community and celebrates the diversity of individual styles. These events promote community, allow new talents to be discovered and strengthen the cultural significance of house dance.

Is it ok for me to come too?

Yes, the jam is aimed at the house dance community, but also welcomes anyone interested in attending.


9.00 pm EP-Release “We Speak Fluently” + Party with Kosmik Kat

Admission free, everybody welcome

Listen via bandcamp


Danny Son sees himself as an ambassador of house dance culture in Germany. He is one of the founders of "House Roots" community, a platform created with the aim to work out a holistic approach towards deep house and house dance culture. 

The first contact with house dance was in 2008 at that time he was trained in all urban dance styles by his first coach Rob LAWRAY. In 2011 he was able to learn from the pioneers of house dance culture for the first time at the SDK Festival. It quickly became clear to him that a certain house dance style, that was influenced by Rabah Mahfoufi from Paris/France, appealed to him. Since then he had taken every opportunity to learn from Rabah, so that he could proudly say that I was a student of his. To this day he has laid the foundation for him for a special interpretation of this dance culture, which Danny tries to represent on an equal footing, the path of „Deep House Dance“.

Papaya is a rising artist from a Czech village, now pulsating through Prague's dance scene. With over a decade immersed in dance, Papaya discovered her true calling in house dance, influenced by European house dancers and DJs such as Potkis, Wahe, Adam, and Danny Son.

In 2023, she effortlessly ventured into DJing, making her debut at a community event in Poland. Papaya's passion for house music goes beyond personal interest—it's a commitment to community and the cultivation of club culture.

With roots extending through Croatian-Bosnian heritage Kosmik Kat cultivated an early fascination for the diasporic soundtrack. As a DJ, he artfully intertwines enchanting melodies from across the globe, gracefully attuned to the rhythmic pulse of the dancefloor.

His influence extends beyond the turntable, co-organizing a spectrum of cultural events such as LAZY, Saravá, Africadelay, Super Discoteca Tropical, Halva and Tanztee. Behind the decks, Kosmik Kat emanates infectious enthusiasm, technical finesse, an explorative spirit, and an instinctive knack for the perfect record for any moment. Brace yourself for a plunge into the alluring realm of a journey into sound.