(c) Janine Baechle

residence retrospectPatscharaporn Distakul

Intimate Landscaping is an interdisciplinary dance and reading performance. It deals with the embodied process of “Arriving” and “Feeling Home” but also goes back to questioning, reflecting and doubting about what and where is “Home”, what is one’s own female biography and how does one situate herself in the place where she lives. The performance content touches inevitably on topics such as belonging, dress-  and social codes, role of family and woman, childhood, (breaking) stereotypes, acceptance, isolation, empowerment, early traumas and the Body that keeps the score.

Patscharaporn graduated from Rotterdam Dance Academy. She has worked for dance companies such as the Ballet Preljocaj, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz and with choreographers in projects around Europe. She co-initiated the re_dance platform which holds projects on topics evoked from the experience of being a parent and dancer. In her own work she is interested to connect with female presenting persons with multiple cultural backgrounds and to develop a somatic interview method.