Wed 31.01.2024 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm - Studio 1

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Due to the current situation, we kindly ask all participants to take a corona test in advance. We are also making some tests available for last-minute participants.

Please notice that this event will be in German Language and simultaniously interpreted in German Sign Language.

The artistic practice of chronically ill/disabled people is often linked to objects or practices that enable them to access and participate, alleviate their pain or have to do with self-care. These practices are called crip techniques. They not only counter the canon in dance with new aesthetics, but also reveal insights into those realities of life that are told far from the norm. "Choreograhies of Rest" is one such crip technique, in which everything revolves around resting and questions the intersectional and political dimensions of resting alongside the artist's individual access. What does it mean to rest? What do we rest for and where do we do it?

Angela Alves is a choreographer, performer and dance scholar. Her artistic practice is strongly influenced by the reality of her life as a chronically ill woman and focuses on the political dimensions of the unavailable body. Her work explores concepts of rest, cessation and pleasure as a cultural technique of resistance and questions perceptions of "healthy" and "sick". She studied dance at ArtEZ (NL) and dance studies at the Free University of Berlin. She recently joined Claire Cunningham's project team at HZT Berlin as an artistic collaborator.

The Forum Tanzvermittlung regularly offers experts from the region the opportunity to exchange views on questions in the field of "mediation and participation". This format is for teachers, educators, artists, teachers, mediators and other interested parties.

Language: German
The event will be accompanied by a sign language interpreter (DGS). The venue is accessible for wheelchair users. Alternative seating will be provided. More information on accessibility

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For dancers, dance educators, (dance) mediators and teachers, participation free of charge after binding registration: